Care for Your Home

Structures, Inc. is proud to offer each of their homebuyers a 1 year home warranty. The details of warranty coverage can be overwhelming and confusing, so we will discuss key elements to the warranty to help better explain it below. In addition to the warranty, Structures, Inc. provides a quarterly newsletter. The newsletter is geared towards homeowners and can include home maintenance, eco-friendly tips, landscaping ideas & maintenance, new home products, and interior design trends.        Be sure to enter your email to sign up!

System Warranty Request:

Please contact us immediately if you have any problems with your systems, heating and air, plumbing or electrical. Systems should be maintained whenever there is any issue.  Please contact our office by e-mail at or by fax at 205-663-2585. 

Emergency Contact:

First, check the troubleshooting tips in the warranty guidelines at the end of your Homeowner Manual. If those tips do not solve the problem, contact our office during our business hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm. The best way to reach us is at or you can call our office at 206.663.4252 or by fax at 205.663.2585. If you need someone after business hours, on a weekend, or holiday, contact the appropriate trade or utility company directly.

Non-emergency Contact:

Email or fax your list of items to our warranty office to or  fax: 205.663.2585.

Storm Damage or Other Natural Disaster:

Contact your homeowner's insurance agent immediately. Contain damage as much as possible without endangering yourself. We also suggest photographing the damage for your record.